Ever since 2000 the Drulon gardens organize, every season a new exhibition of contemporary art. These exhibitions are spread over the 17 hectares of the gardens, inside the rooms of the castle’s main floor and in the outbuildings around the main courtyard. Thus the ancient stables transformed in orangery, the two grain lofts with their returned boat shaped roof structures, the small bakery, were diverted of their ancient using in order to receive sculptures, installations and other projections. Drulon welcomes artists of all horizons who have in common their quality, personal, intriguing, astonishing, oneiric and out of step work. Realized with techniques going from the most manual and classic mediums to the modern technologies.

With a great care being taken of the works’ scenography, the exhibitions have the power of renewing Drulon’s face every year in order to add this extra that will open the visitor’s gate to imagination and reflection.  


Marie Hendriks Installation

Jos Van Doorn Sculpture

Marcelle Van Bemmeul Installation

Marielle Van Den Bergh Installation

Marie Hendriks Installation