Drulon castle is the centrepiece of a 200 hectare estate. It is a bucolic gem hidden in Berry’s mysterious and intimate “bocage” landscape. The castle’s body is composed of two piece. The eldest part, on the left, dates back to the XVth century and includes the tower with its loopholes and the spiral staircase. At that time Drulon was a hunting pied-à-terre of a much larger domain. The right sides of the castle, as well as all the buildings surrounding the main courtyard, were built in the XVIIth century. Drulon, with this extension, became the main residence of a large agricultural estate combining crops, cattle and vineyards.These two components distinctive in time and in function are still visible on the façade and give this singular shape to the roof.

In 1998, Piet and Nanou Hendriks fell in love with the domain and bought it. Seeing in this fallen a sleep, bramble covered Drulon the ideal spot to realize their dreams of art gardens.

Since then the couple does their best to give a second life to the buildings and in agreement with the “Batiments de France” engaged large restoration and conservation work. Freed of the invading creeper and lianas the castle recovered, slowly but surely, its lustre. The lounges and the outbuildings now welcome contemporary art exhibitions.


The castle before the restoration works

The castle during the restoration works

Jardins de Drulon sky view

The castle magical mirror basin

Jardins de Drulon eye bird view